Welcome to the virus lab!

Roam freely in our experiment rooms and feel free to get infected with as many viruses as you can.
Here,every virus is friendly!

A few years back humanity got infected by a disastrous virus that was completely undesirable by mankind.

It was a great opportunity not to take so we did the exact opposite, instead of wiping it out we decided to create a virus that will intrigue everyone and will make them want to purposely get infected by.

There's no cure that can stop the spreading of the VirusX.

It's sole purpose is to spread and enter every digital wallet and infect it, mutating their owners.

This virus is highly contagious and one of the most severe symptoms is making everyone eager to help humanity.

Once the token is officially released our existence will never again be the same.

You must read more in paper section in order to get affected.

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Let's talk about Black Offers!!!

Buy one virus coin, get another one for free!

We give you 50% minus on all packages for 24 hours!

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As promised and always on schedule, our donations have begun, while our virus infection sprawles there will be more donations to come so lets go everybody ...
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