A few years back humanity got infected by a disastrous virus that was completely undesirable by mankind.

It was a great opportunity not to take so we did the exact opposite, instead of wiping it out we decided to create a virus that will intrigue everyone and will make them want to purposely get infected by.

There's no cure that can stop the spreading of the VirusX.

It's sole purpose is to spread and enter every digital wallet and infect it, mutating their owners.

This virus is highly contagious and one of the most severe symptoms is making everyone eager to help humanity.

Once the token is officially released our existence will never again be the same.

In reality,VirusX token is a coin made with the purpose to troll the already hard viral everyday life we live in.

Humanity is already being tortured by Covid for 2+ years. We all are captive by this menis by not being able to socialize, enjoy our free time and freedoms.

Let’s give us some laughs by starting, where else, with us!

As said by almost all the scientists, this virus has come to stay. Weeell... We are going to make him regret it!

This is NOT financial advice and we do not promise that this token is going to get any value in the future.

If this happens eventually though, earnings from this project will be given out to charity, especially the children in need.

Anyhow, we are open to suggestions and we will distribute the earnings according to our community.

And as we always say, to the cells!

VirusX - To the cells