Q4 2021
Working in the lab to build the virus.

Q1 2022
Making the virus anti-inflammatory and spreading it world wide. (Social media announcement, community startup and mystery token pre-sale)

Q2 2022
Mutation and upgrade its resistances against antibiotics. (First exchange listing and NFT creation)

Q2 delay
The bears spread out in the streets and dissolve everything in their path ... That's why we had to react. So we fell into a big barrel with rice milk! and we will only get out of there when the mushrooms come out or the bears leave! (The invasion of Ukraine, the energy crisis, rising inflation, and much more, are forcing us to change the course of our work, and go through a whole Q without doing anything. We do not stop ... we just take a break!)

Q3 2022
Super mutation,everyone one the planet is infected with VirusX except Elon Musk and his friends who are currently off world,living on Mars. (More exchanges list the virus)

Q4 2022
We’ll travel to Mars in order to find the last people who weren’t infected*. (Entering the metaverse)

Q1 2023
Infected people decide the future for the virus. ( First of many token allocations decided by everyone on the community)

*look at Q3

VirusX - To the cells