Initial registered tokens

The beginning of VirusX started about 5 years ago in an unknown computing system location , a very interesting fact is that Charles Hoskinson nor his associates had any idea about this happening. To this day it still remains a mystery how the VirusX tokens were found in their possession.
As far as we know the very first individuals that got infected were the 7 founders of the virus , an amount of tokens were anonymously deposited in their wallets.
WMT (World Mobile Team) a very well known world philanthropic organization was always eager to get infected so they can offer their help to those in need. This organization also gained tokens.
The following step of VirusX is to infect every single digital wallet in existence by spreading awareness and making the token owners ought to help as well. Ergo a total amount of tokens will be up for sale.
For your assistance we decided to put up for the exchanges as liquidity so we can all grow together.
To help this new brilliant virus become better known to the world VirusX tokens were created and offered for this purpose only.
Another amount consisting of tokens were also offered to assist the development of the virus in order to make it more resilient ,stronger and even more infectious.
Finally the tokens remained were the most important ones, their purpose is to infect those in need. It will be decided by the community how and to whom the VirusX tokens will be distributed.
VirusX - To the cells