`Virus-Lab` - A hardcore chameleon virus! He can transform instantly and into whatever is needed at any given moment. Symptoms include paranoia and diarrhea, no cure found.
`Halflung virus` - Made in a forgotten lab, he got out, attached to a scientist’s bra! He spread very fast due to his airborne nature. SARS-like virus, eats half of your lung in days of infection. No cure found.
`Riot virus` - Anarchist virus born in a violent riot when sweat from a policeman came in contact with a rioter’s tears! Contagious only in riots and large anarchist gatherings. Infects the right side of the body. Cure : Canadian air.
`Ampalaeo virus` - In a cheesemaker’s attempt to make Roquefort, an employee accidentally spilled some Greek wine in the mix. The reaction was so severe that everyone in a 150 mile radius got infected with Ampalaeo. The only cure is for PAOK to win the world cup.
`XXX virus` - Known also as the Viagra virus! A very powerful ancient virus still surviving to modern age. Unknown origin but with many papers written about it, it invades the DNA coding of its host and makes him/her have uncontrollable orgasms. No one wants a cure for this one!
`Pool virus` - Water-transmitted virus which infects everyone who enters a pool without a swimming suit! It makes you want to save your funds and get decentralized. Its cure is simple,89 million $ADA.
`Hackirus` - In 2014 a hacking group from Ohio, managed to infect the personal computer of the Japanese biologist Savuri Nagasaki and steal all of his classified documents. Savuri, to get revenge, built a virus that infects only hackers. This virus is named Hackirus and it’s symptoms are extremely painful to anyone who gets it. It starts with finger numbing and severe brain dysfunction. Cure: No.
VirusX - To the cells