● What is a VirusX token?
It is a meme coin with the purpose to make crypto a “game” and become an easy way for more people to enter the crypto space. It’s secondary role is to help all children in need with the profits made by it.

● What is the difference between VirusX token and other meme coins?
Except for its philanthropic characteristics, there are no more differences. It does not promise anything, or guarantee anything. It is just a meme!

● How many tokens initially created?
Initially registered tokens

● Why buy VirusX tokens?
Because you can! If you dont get them now to get immunity, it will cost you dearly in the future.

● To the moon?
NO! To the cells! Our goal is every cell in the human body, not the moon.

● Who is behind the VirusX project?
It’s a group of 7 seven friends who are obsessed with the crypto world. Our exact information will be revealed as soon as Satoshi Nakamoto comes back from the shadows. Until then you will be seeing us as viruses.

● Are there any plans for the future?
Of course! We are 7 young and vibrant individuals with dreams and many many ideas! If all goes according to plan, then you will see many great things become reality. For now, lets just deal with this token.

● NFTs?
On their way, be patient.

VirusX - To the cells